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ERIS - Emergency Response Information System

ERIS - Emergency Response Information System is developed dedicated to collecting, organizing and managing information relevant to security in hospitals, events management and information required during emergency or everyday routing situations.ERIS is corresponding and dedicated for use by security forces, rescue teams and local security officer. ERIS provides an advanced tool for storing and presenting all data types in various ways for the convenience of the rescue teams, begin with the local rescue team contacts and personal data through visual orientation elements such as pictures, blueprints, drawings to illustrate the event site. ERIS complete the response by presenting documented information, guidelines, explanations, instructions and formal procedures.

System ERIS Was developed based on experience and understanding of the needs of rescue factors (first Responders) While providing an optimal response. Knowledge accumulated over the country and experts here we examined the needs as they are required by rescue officials in the U.S. especially in light of various factors evaluations of government and other subject matter.

In addition, the system has been developed during recent years on the basis of many works made in our supply systems and "space bags (control), many local bodies. The technical level is an advanced system of its kind based on advanced and innovative software applications.

System ERIS Advanced Access displays data for the user`s perspective given the pressures in those critical moments of the event for her intelligent and demand based on data and details of the place, guidelines and procedures set out in advance the day, charts and drawings of the building on relevant subjects. Therefore, when the system easy, simple and adapted to operate under pressure and during the event. Conditions which are required to rescue forces to act quickly if creating barriers mantle place and rescue officials entry into a particular structure itself.

ERIS - System information provided to the hospital based on the application of computing systems at the site level information required for completion of rescue and security officials. The information includes data rate, data on environment, infrastructure building level detail, details on Emergency. Detail tables addresses factors internal circles of the organization`s external circles rescue officials, police, fire, etc. `.

The system allows issuing a report meets the requirements set security sources critics compatible fire, police and so on.

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